TuesdayMay 02, 2023 9:45 am

Two Recent Mullen Automotive Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN) Deliveries Reflect Growing Interest in EV Fleet Development

MULN delivers initial Class 1 EV cargo vans to two customers: the University of North Carolina and MGT Lease Company UNC Charlotte ordered Mullen’s Class 1 EV cargo vans for use across its 1,000-acre campus Mullen’s Class 1 is a “perfect entry point for us,” said MGT executive In the first of many anticipated deliveries, Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ: MULN) announced that its Class 1 EV cargo vans have been delivered to two customers: the University of North Carolina (https://ibn.fm/xMMun) and MGT, a growing commercial vehicle sales and leasing company (https://ibn.fm/AUvfZ). The vehicle orders were fulfilled with the support of the…

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MondayMay 01, 2023 11:15 am

Data443 Risk Mitigation Inc. (ATDS) Continues Winning Streak; Expands Across Financial Sector

As cyber-attacks increase in sophistication and frequency, the need for solutions to protect sensitive data has never been greater Data443 continues its string of success, securing two additional contracts with fintech clients; appears poised to expand its market footprint to include insurance, rating agencies, and large and small banks Data443 appears ahead of the curve in EFT/MFT, positioning the company for continued growth Data443 Risk Mitigation (OTC: ATDS), the "All Things Data Security" software company recently announced two contract wins from large fintech clients, growing relationships within the financial technology sector based upon their commitment to keep sensitive data safe…

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MondayMay 01, 2023 9:45 am

D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE: QBTS) Brings Power of Quantum Computing to Manufacturing and Logistics

D-Wave is the first commercial supplier of quantum computing solutions, delivering value to customers through practical quantum applications D-Wave has a portfolio of use cases showcasing how its quantum annealing applications can apply to the real-life problems found in a range of industries, including manufacturing and logistics DENSO and SavantX have demonstrated how D-Wave’s technology has improved operational efficiencies for manufacturing and logistics through quantum-hybrid applications As the world’s first commercial supplier of quantum computing solutions, D-Wave Quantum (NYSE: QBTS) is focused on delivering value to customers through practical quantum applications for a range problems, including those related to manufacturing…

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MondayMay 01, 2023 9:00 am

Cybersecurity Solutions Provider SideChannel Inc. (SDCH) Helps Clients Remain Vigilant Against The Growing Threat of Network Attacks

A well-known ransomware group of hackers recently infiltrated one of the UK’s largest business process outsourcing and professional services companies, exfiltrating clients’ personal data and offering it for sale Preventing such attacks is the aim of cybersecurity solutions provider SideChannel Inc., whose flagship offering includes outsourcing virtual chief information security officers that can provide clients with advisement on a contract basis The company’s managed services under its SideChannel Complete package hinge on the technological prowess of its Enclave microsegmentation tool, which helps limit system users to network areas they’re authorized to use SideChannel intends to continue expanding its Enclave-centric managed…

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ThursdayApr 27, 2023 9:45 am

Cepton, Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN) Unveils World’s Smallest Long-Range Lidar and Expanded Proprietary ASIC Chipset

Lidar’s perception capabilities and seamless integration into modern vehicle designs are primary challenges facing mass-market ADAS adoption CPTN’s Vista(R)-X90 Plus overcomes size and performance obstacles to enable faster ADAS mass-market commercialization CPTN recently released Komodo, an advanced point cloud processor ASIC; advantages include increased speed, improved sensor performance, higher digital signal processing, and noise reduction Production of proprietary ASIC costs 10x less than legacy alternatives and reduces supply chain vulnerabilities, enabling CPTN to offer an unparalleled cost-to-performance ratio Commercialization of lidar for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (“ADAS”) faces two primary obstacles: perception capabilities and sensor embeddability into modern vehicle designs. Lidar…

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ThursdayApr 27, 2023 9:00 am

SideChannel Inc. (SDCH) Seizing Massive Market Opportunity Amid Rising Cases of Cyberattacks Impacting and Threatening All Enterprises

SideChannel is on a mission to make cybersecurity simple and accessible for mid-market and emerging companies, a market that is currently underserved The company matches client organizations with virtual Chief Information Security Officers (“vCISOs”) who help them with developing and managing the implementation of an information security program SideChannel’s efforts come amid rising cases of cyberattacks, driven by an increase in attack surfaces and agility of attackers, who now work in organized groups, according to CEO Brian Haugli Recently, for example, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited Closed 14 properties in Ontario following a cyberattack Cyberattacks are growing each year as…

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TuesdayApr 25, 2023 9:45 am

Making the Roads Safer with Cepton, Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN)’s Automotive Lidar Solutions

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated pedestrian crashes accounting for $112.5 billion in total societal impact in 2019 According to Cepton, “Systems with lidar, camera & radar have been found to have the potential to prevent 98% of pedestrian fatalities” Cepton recently unveiled its new Vista(R)-X90 Plus lidar, the world’s smallest high-performance automotive lidar with software definable perception capabilities Interest in autonomous driving is high, but most drivers still aren’t comfortable with the idea of operating without human involvement. The reason, as with many new technologies, boils down to understanding. The J.D. Power 2022 Mobility Confidence Index report made…

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TuesdayApr 25, 2023 9:00 am

Cyberattack on Data Storage Giant Underscores SideChannel Inc. (SDCH) Mission to Provide Cybersecurity Expertise to Unexpectedly Vulnerable Companies

Cybersecurity services and technology provider SideChannel Inc. outsources the expertise of its “virtual chief information security officers” (“vCISOs”) to companies that can’t afford to maintain a full-time, permanent CISO on staff SideChannel also offers a product called Enclave that helps companies to manage the microsegmentation of their networks to enhance their cybersecurity, either as a SaaS tool clients can manage or ask SideChannel to manage SideChannel has also strengthened its cybersecurity services by partnering with London-based automated supply chain risk management platform developer Darkbeam The importance of cybersecurity management was recently underscored by the massive attack on data storage company…

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WednesdayApr 19, 2023 9:45 am

Data Breaches on Massive Annual Scale Underscore Importance of Cybersecurity Service SideChannel Inc. (SDCH) Delivers to SMBs

An estimated 30,000 website data breaches occur each day on average Hacker targets include everyone online, ranging from small businesses to large and complex government agencies Massachusetts-based SideChannel Inc. delivers the services of chief information security officers (“CISOs”) on a contract basis to companies that don’t have budget capacity to maintain CISOs on staff full-time but desire protection against cyber threats SideChannel’s virtual CISOs work alongside company board officers to assess and strategically target operational risks SideChannel announced a strategic partnership last month with automated supply chain risk management platform developer Darkbeam that will strengthen SideChannel’s service offering Cyber threats…

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TuesdayApr 18, 2023 10:30 am

Cepton, Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN) Continues to Forge Innovative Partnerships to Expand Lidar Applications Across Sectors and Geographies

As a lidar developer engaged with all Top 10 global automotive OEMs, Cepton is established in the automotive space; but as a technology that allows examination of natural and manmade environments with accuracy and precision, lidar can offer much more In addition to its work with leading automotive OEMs, Cepton has been also committed to forging partnerships beyond the automotive sector to improve infrastructure efficiency and safety around the world Cepton’s low-cost, high-resolution perception devices that enable scanning of environments have been deployed in projects around the world to transform spaces into smart infrastructure Often coined as one of the…

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