Rumble Inc. (NASDAQ: RUM)

Investment Considerations
  • Rumble prioritizes preserving free speech and offers an open internet environment, catering to users concerned about content removal and censorship.
  • The company’s core goal is to establish a neutral and censorship-resistant digital infrastructure, ensuring diverse voices can thrive without fear of silencing.
  • Rumble’s positioning in upholding free speech and content freedom makes it appealing to investors as it taps into the growing demand for alternative platforms.
  • The company’s monetization features and revenue-sharing opportunities incentivize content migration, potentially driving user growth and diverse content.
  • Investors should consider the competitive digital media industry landscape and Rumble’s strategies for user acquisition, content moderation, and adaptation to industry regulations.

Rumble Inc. (NASDAQ: RUM) is a growing video platform and cloud services provider that has gained attention for its commitment to preserving free speech and fostering an open internet environment. The company’s primary mission is to create a digital space that is resilient to censorship and resistant to cancel culture. In an era marked by concerns over content removal and suppression of diverse voices, Rumble aims to provide an alternative platform where content creators and viewers can freely engage in open discourse.

Rumble’s core objective is to establish a neutral and independent digital infrastructure. This infrastructure is designed to withstand censorship and ensure that diverse voices have a place to thrive. Rumble’s expanding network and services aim to empower individuals and organizations to express themselves openly without the fear of being silenced. In doing so, Rumble seeks to bring the internet back to its original roots, where the principles of free expression and open dialogue are upheld.

In response to the evolving challenges of digital communication, Rumble offers an alternative platform for individuals and organizations seeking to engage in free expression and open discourse online. By developing a resilient digital space that values neutrality and inclusivity, Rumble contributes to the ongoing conversation about the future of the internet and the importance of safeguarding free speech.

Market Opportunity

Rumble’s distinctive positioning as a platform that upholds free speech and strives to provide a neutral and resilient environment has garnered significant attention. This is noteworthy given the growing concerns surrounding content censorship and de-platforming in the digital realm.

From an investment perspective, Rumble may appeal due to its potential to tap into the increasing demand for alternative platforms that prioritize open discourse and content freedom. The model caters to content creators who may have experienced limitations or uncertainties on other platforms, potentially driving user growth. Additionally, Rumble’s monetization features and revenue-sharing opportunities for creators could incentivize content migration, potentially leading to increased user engagement and a more diverse range of content.

However, it’s important for potential investors to recognize the competitive landscape within the digital media industry. Rumble’s success will depend on its strategies for user acquisition, content moderation, and monetization, as well as its ability to adapt to evolving industry regulations.

Management Team

Chris Pavlovski, Founder and CEO of Rumble, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong track record in online marketing and advertising. Notably, he founded Jolted Media Group and served as CEO while simultaneously directing marketing efforts for NASA’s Next Giant Leap from 2009 to 2012. In 2011, he established Cosmic Development, a global IT business that has garnered recognition for its achievements, including being ranked as the 2nd best employer in Macedonia. Mr. Pavlovski is actively involved in various boards, including Macedonia 2025, a non-profit organization dedicated to economic and educational development in Macedonia.

Brandon Alexandroff, CFO of Rumble since February 2016, boasts over two decades of financial leadership in media, telecom, and technology. Prior to Rumble, he co-founded and served as VP of Finance at Mobilicity from 2008 to 2015. Between 2003 and 2008, he co-founded XM Satellite Radio Canada, playing a pivotal role in the company’s successful public listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Mr. Alexandroff began his career as an investment banking analyst in the space & satellites finance group at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. He holds an Honors Business Administration degree from The Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario

Wojciech Hlibowicki, CTO of Rumble since its inception in 2013, is the mastermind behind Rumble’s products and infrastructure. Known for his remarkable versatility, he seamlessly navigates roles from networking to development and rapidly adopts new technologies while leading a diverse international team of engineers. Mr. Hlibowicki’s programming journey began at age 7, and by 11, he was proficient in C/C++. Before joining Rumble, he pursued Mathematics at the University of Waterloo, where he merged his computer science expertise with entrepreneurial flair, venturing into website hosting and development.

Tyler Hughes, Rumble’s COO since August 2021, brings extensive experience from a decade-long tenure in the pharmaceutical industry at Bayer AG. Starting as a Medical Advisor in 2012, Dr. Hughes subsequently held various commercial positions at Bayer Canada, including Director of Strategy and Operations, where he spearheaded digital transformation initiatives. In 2018, he served as Chief of Staff to the SVP of Commercial Operations in the Americas Region within Bayer’s Pharmaceutical business in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Hughes also played a pivotal role in Bayer’s newly formed AI-based enterprise software business in Pharmaceuticals, serving as the Head of Marketing and overseeing its organizational transition and commercial launch. Dr. Hughes holds a Doctorate in Physics specializing in Nuclear Medicine from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Science (Honors Physics) from the same institution.

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