FridayFeb 24, 2023 9:00 am

D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE: QBTS) Highlights Commercial Customer Engagements and Cross-Platform Product Enhancements During Qubits 2023 Convention

D-Wave’s Qubits annual user conference, currently in its seventh year, is one of the industry’s premier quantum computing events differentiated by its focus on real-world applications of quantum technology The company displayed its continued commercial customer momentum and real-time product innovation, reflecting the increasing enterprise adoption of quantum computing solutions The conference demonstrated how D-Wave’s proprietary technology helps organizations solve highly complex business problems today D-Wave Quantum (NYSE: QBTS), a leader in quantum computing systems, software, and services and the world’s first commercial supplier of quantum computers, announced new and renewed commercial customer engagements and product updates for its annealing…

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ThursdayFeb 23, 2023 11:15 am

SideChannel Inc. (SDCH) Reports 48% Year-over-Year Revenue Growth in Q1 2023 Amid Continued Progress in Building vCISO Relationships with Clients and an Increase in Products and Services

SideChannel recently released its financial results for Q1 2023, recognizing $1,546,000 in revenue, a 48% year-over-year increase The company also ended the fiscal quarter with $2,553,000 in cash, having spent about $480,000 to offset R&D and marketing expenses SideChannel is in the business of providing cybersecurity leadership and program development through its team of virtual Chief Information Security Officers (“vCISOs”) The company has also developed Enclave, a micro-segmentation software that recently received FIPS 140 certification, opening the door for SideChannel to pursue federal and state contracts and further increase cybersecurity revenue SideChannel (OTCQB: SDCH), a company focused on delivering cybersecurity…

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ThursdayFeb 23, 2023 9:00 am

USMCA Developed to Bolster North American Export Services, with Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT) to Capitalize on It

Export services under NAFTA, mainly covering transportation, travel, business, and financial services, increased from $14.7 billion in 1999 to $30.4 billion in 2021 With the transition from NAFTA to USMCA, trade in goods and services is set to see a spike from 2022 going forward, and Fr8Tech expects to capitalize on this Freight Technologies Inc., with its superior freight platform for North American cross-border shipping, yielded a 45% YOY revenue growth for Q2 2022, which it looks to surpass in the subsequent quarters of the current financial year With trucks moving about 70% of North American surface trade by value,…

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TuesdayFeb 21, 2023 12:45 pm

Technologies from Hillcrest Energy Technologies Ltd. (CSE: HEAT) (OTCQB: HLRTF) Offer Step Change Improvements Across the Electrification Spectrum

Adoption of zero-emission vehicles accelerated across almost all markets and vehicle segments in 2022 and will continue on the back of increasing government regulation and incentives Power inverters, irreplaceable power conversion tech, has received a meaningful upgrade with Hillcrest’s ZVS inverter technology that improves operating power and efficiency Hillcrest anticipates commitments for commercial revenue this year from its inverter as it expands into multiple other areas where the technology is highly applicable New technologies are always accompanied by unforeseen challenges, especially for the EV space as it is becoming more and more pronounced. There was a time when people thought…

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FridayFeb 17, 2023 9:00 am

Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT), Providing Efficient Transport, Logistics Support Systems to Boost Continuous Growth of Trade in the USMCA Region

Freight Technologies (“Fr8Tech”) is a North American transportation logistics technology company streamlining and simplifying the once complex process of over-the-road (“OTR”) shipping Through its AI-powered Fr8app B2B marketplace, Fr8Tech connects shippers with carriers, helping reduce waste and inefficiency, and promoting security and visibility The company’s system is handy at a time when trade among parties to the USMCA is on an uptrend The continuous growth of trade among Canada, Mexico, and the United States, depends on the efficiency of trade support structures, such as the logistics-oriented technologies and services Fr8Tech is providing In the years since the North American Free…

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ThursdayFeb 16, 2023 10:30 am

Commercial Quantum Computing Center Stage at D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE: QBTS) Qubits23 Conference

D-Wave’s annual user conference provided attendees with valuable insights, demos, and scientific talks about D-Wave's quantum computing and quantum-hybrid applications D-Wave identified several key takeaways from the conference, including: the commercialization of quantum is here, live commercial customer demonstrations showcase value in real-time, not all quantum is the same, it is easy to build quantum teams, and the upcoming Advantage2 processor expects to deliver enhanced performance More than 15 customers including Mastercard, Deloitte and Davidson Technologies were on hand to spotlight quantum and quantum-hybrid demos and applications built on D-Wave solutions D-Wave Quantum (NYSE: QBTS), a leader in quantum computing…

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ThursdayFeb 16, 2023 9:00 am

SideChannel Inc. (SDCH), Positioning itself as the Affordable Cybersecurity Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

SideChannel is on a mission to make cybersecurity simple and accessible through its ever-evolving technologies, coupled with a move to educate the masses and sensitize its clients on the evolving cybersecurity landscape, new threats that emerge, and how to address them In a recent interview with LiveNOW Fox, David Chasteen, SideChannel’s Executive VP, discussed the recently downed Chinese spy balloon, commenting on the complacency that had come with society acknowledging spy satellites as the pinnacle, thus overlooking a significant gap which China exploited By providing insights into current security matters and, while offering expert and affordable vCISO support, SideChannel is…

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MondayFeb 13, 2023 9:00 am

SideChannel Inc. (SDCH) Strengthens Your Organization’s Security Posture with its vCISO Service and the Application of Enclave and RealCISO Technology

SideChannel, a company on a mission to make cybersecurity simple and accessible to company of all sizes, believes that a secure network begins with segmentation, an approach made possible by the offering of vCISOs, together with the application of RealCISO and Enclave technology RealCISO allows SideChannel to perform an important initial security audit to identify your organization’s current security posture Enclave simplifies microsegmentation - a network security tactic that shrinks your organization's attack surface SideChannel (OTCQB: SDCH) believes that all companies should be able to easily, and affordably, understand and manage cyber risk. It also believes that a secure network…

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ThursdayFeb 09, 2023 9:45 am

Utopia VR Pioneers ‘Metaverse-As-A-Service’, Seeks to Revolutionize the Workplace as We Know It

The modern workplace has undergone a radical shift in recent years, moving increasingly away from an office-centric model towards a more hybrid working environment Corporate employees are revealing they are increasingly spending more time in meetings, with over 77% of these taking place online Users can host and attend meetings in lifelike virtual reality – with no software downloads – engaging their audiences in a more collaborative and fun way In April 2022, the company launched the world’s first web-based, mobile-friendly, audio and video conference platform Early on Tuesday 8th January 2019, WeWork announced that the company had successfully concluded…

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TuesdayFeb 07, 2023 9:45 am

SideChannel Inc. (SDCH) Bringing Critical Security to Clients with Tailored Cybersecurity Programs for Mid-Market Companies

Brian recently joined Bell2Bell’s Stuart Smith in a podcast episode in which he discussed his and the company’s background, motivation to found SideChannel, existing market opportunities, 2022 milestones, and plans for 2023 and beyond SideChannel, a provider of cybersecurity services and products, helps mid-market companies simplify cybersecurity The company was founded in 2019 after CEO Brian Haugli observed a business opportunity in the largely underserved market Over the years since, the company has grown, posting $4.8 million in revenue in 2022, up from $2.8 million in 2021 During his stints at the US Department of Defense (“DoD”) and Pentagon, and…

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